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Michele Melcher Illustration, Philadelphia based illustrator, artist, painter.



Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find the answers to the most common questions about the Unselfie Project. If you can't find the answer you are looking for, please don't hesitate to get in touch. I would be happy to answer any questions you might have.

How do I take a good reference photo?

Great example

Great example

In order for me to draw a great avatar, I will need you to supply me with a clear high resolution photo. Most cell phones have the capability to shoot a great head shot. Make sure you are in a well lit area, the image is in focus and there is no distortion.

Common mistakes to watch out for:

• The photo is too small (low resolution)
• The photo is blurry
• The photo is too dark
• The photo is blown out (too light)
• You are to small in the shot
• The photo has too much contrast
• You are too close and you are distorted

Some bad examples



Blown out

Too small

Too small

Too close - Distorted

Too close - Distorted

How Do I upload my photo?

As soon as the Kickstarter campaign is fully funded, I will contact you at the working email address that you provided to me when you pledged with all of the details. You will need to provide me with a clear photo to work from (see above). It does not have to be fancy, as long as it is a good, clear shot. It should be a jpeg file. If the photo that you provide is something that I find I unable to work from, I will ask you to supply another.


Can I get more than one?

Kickstarter only allows one pledge per backer per project. When The Unselfie Project campaign is over, I will activate The Unselfie Project shopping cart at and clients will be able to purchase them there.

How long will it take to get my Unselfie?

As soon as the Kickstarter campaign is fully funded, the work will begin! All pieces will be done in the order in which your pledges were received. The production process will take several weeks from start to finish depending on where you are in the queue. I’m a strong believer in always keeping in touch with my clients with status updates and when production begins will contact you to keep you informed of approximate delivery time.


How do I recieve my Unselfie?

All avatars will be emailed to the working email address that you provided me with when you pledged.  All files will be big enough to print at 8x8 inches and small enough to email directly to you. You will receive a high res digital file that you will be able to print out full size at 8x8 inches and a low res file that you will be able to use online. All Old Master watercolor portrait avatars will be shipped worldwide to your location and a low res image for web will be emailed to you. Shipping is included in the price at pledge. For Old Master portrait shipping please provide:

First name, Last Name

Shipping address


What is the best way to print out the high res file of my Unselfie?

For the best result, you will want to print out your Unselfie on photo paper at home.  If you wish, you can save the image to a memory stick and take to any place that does digital printing. They will be able to print it out for you!

I do/don't want my avatar to be included in the Unselfie Project Online Gallery

No worries, that is totally cool! You have to "opt in" if you want to be included in the gallery. If you do not opt in, your avatar will not be a part of the online gallery. Your name will not be included in the gallery (see terms and conditions). Your avatar will have a number and I will let you know what it is so that you can look it up in the gallery and share it with everyone!


How will you make my Unselfie look like me?

Please note that all of the art being created is an artist’s stylized, representation of the photographic image supplied. That being said, I will make sure that your avatar looks like you. Check the samples to compare photos with their avatar likenesses to get an idea of what to expect. In the cart section, please fill out any special requests that you have and I will do my best to accommodate them.



How will you make my Power Up level Unselfie look like me?

I will make sure that your avatar looks like you. Your Power Up levels WILL be embellished as I see fit with Zombie rot, Vampy goodness and facial hair that would make Jo Jo the Dog faced Boy envious. It’s all part of the fun!


Can I get an Unselfie of my pet?

Yes! I always say, “Pets are people too”. They deserve some love. I know a few pets that have more friends on Facebook than me.


Are Power Up levels available for my pet?

Yes. Who wouldn’t want a zombie hamster? All Power Ups can be done for your pet!


I purchased an Old Master Watercolor portrait. What is the best way to take care/frame it?

Congratulations, that is AWESOME! The best way to take care of your Old Master Watercolor Portrait is to get it framed. You want to make sure that it is framed behind glass or plexiglass to keep it safe and dry. Avoid hanging it in direct sunlight, as that is not good for any painting. Keep it away from moisture - it is watercolor and will be damaged if it gets wet. If you must wait a while until you get it framed, keep it in the flat envelope it was shipped in, in a safe, dry place.

What is the Return Policy?

An Unselfie is a one of a kind, original piece of art and once it is created, it is yours. Please note that all of the art being created is an artist’s stylized representation of the photographic image supplied. There are no returns or refunds for the work.


Terms and Conditions:

1. Your email address and any other personal identifying information that you provide will not be displayed on the site and will not, under any circumstances, be distributed to any third party organization. Your information will only be used to contact you directly about your Unselfie pledge.

2. The Unselfie Project Online gallery is an "opt in" only basis.

3. The gallery will stay online indefinitely. The artist reserves the right to use and refer to The Unselfie Project Online Gallery as an example of a body of work and to remove the gallery at any time.


What if I forget to email you my photo?

Important: Please remember to check your spam filters to make sure that you are receiving my emails. I will attempt to contact you weekly for a total of 3 times. If I do not hear from you within a reasonable time (one week) after the 3rd attempt the pledge will be considered unclaimed. There are no refunds or credits for unclaimed pledges.