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Michele Melcher Illustration, Philadelphia based illustrator, artist, painter.


"Origins and Beyond" at Parlor Gallery, Asbury Park

Michele Melcher

"Origins and Beyond" opened this past Saturday night at Parlor Gallery, Asbury Park. It was the second opening for me in a week! I didn't get a chance to take a lot of pix that night because I was chatting but here are a few. I'm so grateful to my friends who took the time out of their crazy busy schedules and trekked all of the way out to the Jersey shore to show their support. And, of course, super heart eyes and kisses to Brian, my always supportive second half. SO MUCH LOVE TO ALL OF YOU!

It is a really great show - surrealist oils, geometric art, 3-d art, nature inspired themes - go check it out if you get a chance. If you can't make it to Asbury Park, you can see it online at Parlor Gallery. The show is up until October 30th.


Autumn Art Shows

Michele Melcher

So I know that I haven't been the greatest at keeping up on the blog this past year. I have good reasons - we sold our house, moved to to an apartment, bought another house and moved all in the span of 6 months. Plus w/ deadlines and trying to get more fine art time in the studio - updates here have not been a priority for me.

BUT I did want to let you know that I have some awesome news on the fine art front. This Saturday is the opening of CULT OF MEOW at Gristle Art Gallery in Brooklyn. It is an art show celebrating all things cat. My spooky piece, "Familiar", will be on display along with an epic lineup of other artists. I will be at the reception which is 7-9 pm at the gallery this Saturday the 9th. Cult of Meow runs from September 9th until late October so if you are in NYC go and check it out!

Familiar. Graphite on Stonehenge paper. 2017

Familiar. Graphite on Stonehenge paper. 2017

NEXT UP: I will have 5 of my original CARNIVORE pieces on view and for sale as part of a group show in conjunction with the opening of ORIGINS at Parlor Gallery in Asbury Park, NJ, on September 16th. I will also be at that opening, so stop in and say hello if you are able to.

FINALLY: I'm excited to be a part of Modern Eden Gallery's group show "Familiar" - which will run November 3rd through December 1st. I'm in the early stages of planning a brand new piece for this opening and my mind is swirling with new ideas for such a great topic. I love mystery, history, folklore and all things magical so this is totally up my alley. Stay tuned for sneak peeks!

In the mean time, follow me on Instagram @michelemelcherillustration for more regular updates (and fun peaks into this weirdo existence of mine) as well as Facebook @michelemelcherillustration (if the algorithm allows you to see my posts! EYEROLL)

Anyway, have a spectacular September - onto Autumn!

"Self-Care Overload" - for the August issue of Philadelphia Magazine

Michele Melcher

Here's a fun illustration that I did for the August issue of Philadelphia Magazine. The article is called "We have Reached the Peak of Self-Care" and it's about how we throw the term "Self-Care" around all of the time these days and how it has become a huge industry. (Dollar signs)



"Access Follywood" - For the July issue of Main Line Today.

Michele Melcher

Relaxing poolside?

Relaxing poolside?

You know when you just want to relax with your book by the water and sip your lemonade in peace? Well, this illustration is not it. This is for Main Line Today's June "End of the Line" column, written by Katie Kohler . The article is called "Access Follywood" and it's about all of the annoying young "celebrities" at your local pool. The cast of characters include everyone from aquatic quarterbacks, "The Mannings", posing and pouting preteen "Kardashians" , the roughhousing jack-assery of the "Bam Margeras" and everyone else doing everything disruptive in between. As always, special thanks to Cristela for the art direction. Enjoy!

My Familiar

Michele Melcher

Here is my latest drawing which will be a part of the "Cats" show at Gristle Gallery in Brooklyn this September. I tried some new techniques with this one: starting with a vision that came out of a frustrating period of stagnation. (CARNIVORE tapped me out for a while!)  I am pleased with the result and inspired to create. 🖤